How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo

In those years Microsoft had stepped up its efforts to cripple competitors, but—because of a series of astonishingly foolish management decisions—the competitors being crippled were often co-workers at Microsoft, instead of other companies. Staffers were rewarded not just for doing well but for making sure that their colleagues failed. As a result, the company was consumed by an endless series of internal knife fights. Potential market-busting businesses—such as e-book and smartphone technology—were killed, derailed, or delayed amid bickering and power plays.

Da: How Microsoft Lost Its Mojo: Steve Ballmer and Corporate America’s Most Spectacular Decline | Business | Vanity Fair.

Vergilius, il vaccaro

Tutor e autovelox così Vergilius ci spierà sulle strade
Il nuovo rilevatore di velocità sarà attivo sulle statali: oltre a riprendere le targhe e misurare la velocità media è in grado anche di scoprire chi supera il limite massimo


Da: Metà tutor, metà autovelox così Vergilius ci spierà sulle strade –

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