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The Fink Project announces the release of the nominally identical
fink-0.36.5 for 10.6 and fink-0.37.0 for 10.7-10.9. These releases
contain a number of improvements including better Java SDK detection,
easier compiler wrapper maintenance, and recognition for OS 10.9.3.

Link per scaricarlo?
Troppo facile, questo è Software Libero, tessoro™.

2013-06-04: fink-0.36.5 and fink-0.37.0 released. End of official support for 10.6.-

fink-0.37.0 and fink-0.37.0 were released on 4 June, 2014. These fink releases contain fixes for Java detection on 10.6 if older versions of Apple’s Java SDK are installed. fink-0.37.0 officially recognizes OS 10.9.3. In addition, Fink’s compiler wrappers are now installed directly by the fink package to make for easier modifications.

Un linchino?!
No, eh…
OK, Downloads:

Quick Start
New to Fink? These quick start instructions are here to get you up to speed with the binary release.
10.6, 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9 users: There is not currently a binary installer, and you will need to follow the source install instructions instead.

Finita qui?

Upgrade Instructions for Mac OS X 10.9
Important Notes:
There is no supported upgrade path for Fink from 10.8 (or earlier) to 10.9.

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  1. Quindi è così complicato installare roba Unix / Linux sulla macchina BSD rilicenziata più costosa di tutto lo spazio tempo?

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