Monitor Apple con connettore DDoS

Some Apple Thunderbolt displays either in line with a Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter or connected through the wired Ethernet port on the display seem to be flooding networks periodically with junk packets. A series of user submitted threads on the Apple customer self-support forums are demonstrating that periodically, a Thunderbolt display manifesting the issue is broadcasting 800mbit/s of data to every port in the local area network, effectively knocking fast Ethernet (100mbit/s) users off the network in an inadvertent denial of service attack launched by the display.

Da Some Apple Thunderbolt displays launching DDoS on wired LAN users | MacNN.

Autenticazione a due fattori

Schermata 2015-02-13 alle 10.32.26

Fattori… mezzadri.

Schermata 2015-02-13 alle 10.38.07

Quindi mentre io guardavo la schermata di sopra, lui accedeva sette volte.

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