4400 contro 10 che la riparo

I took the car into the Toyota dealer Monday morning and after about 4 hours the service center called me with the news. “Are you sitting down?” he said. “Should I be?” I replied. “Um. Yea I think so” he said. “Your hybrid battery has ‘gone bad’ and needs to be replaced. It’s a $4400 job.” I just bought this car! $4400? That’s more than half of what I paid for the whole car.

Funk dat. I called Toyota’s corporate customer support and after a few days they generously offered a $500 credit on the repair. My Camry’s hybrid system is within range of the warranty in terms of years, but exceeded the mileage allowance. I’m starting to feel sick.

Ecco, questo sì che mi spaventa molto delle auto elettriche.

Da Toyota Hybrid cheap fix – the dealer wanted $4400… – Album on Imgur.

Il design che funziona: Le Alfa di Giugiaro

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