Ducati Duster [u]

Schermata 2015-04-03 alle 18.40.49

Coinvolti nel sinistro un furgone condotto da un locale e una Dacia Monster con all’interno marito e moglie francesi in Italia per vacanze.

Pare che il cagnolino abbia scritto l’articolo.

Da Montebelluna (BL) I padroni rimangono feriti in un incidente stradale: il loro piccolo cane vie.. – Asaps.it Il Portale della Sicurezza Stradale.

* * *

A quanto pare cani e polizia hanno un qualcosa che li unisce:

Two fatal police shootings unfolded within 14 hours, both in lakeside towns in the same corner of north-west Idaho.

The first victim was Jeanetta Riley, a troubled 35-year-old pregnant woman, shot dead by police as she brandished a knife outside a hospital in the town of Sandpoint. Her death barely ruffled the tight-knit rural community, which mostly backed the officers, who were cleared of wrongdoing before the case was closed.

The second shooting, in nearby Coeur d’Alene, sparked uproar. There were rallies, protests, sinister threats against the officer responsible, and a viral campaign that spread well beyond the town and drew an apology from the mayor. The killing was ruled unjustified, and the police chief introduced new training for his officers.

Non vi rovino il finale: A tale of two killings: what happened when Idaho police shot a dog and a pregnant woman in one day | US news | The Guardian.



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