Snapchat’s core feature is what made it so popular in a very short amount of time, it’s an ephemeral messaging service, which promises users that the snaps that they send each other automatically disappear after a few seconds. Now that might be true from a user-to-user standpoint, the recipient of the snap can’t view it again unless they pay for it or take a picture of the screen with another device, but when it comes to online services that are a multitude of privacy concerns that need to be addressed, and Snapchat’s new privacy policy isn’t going to sit too well with privacy advocates.

Snapchat has made some changes to its privacy policy essentially giving itself the right to use and distribute all photos that are sent through the ephemeral messaging application.

Aspettiamo nuove da Telegram, azienda russa…

Da Snapchat Gives Itself The Right To Distribute All Photos Shared By Users

P.S.: No, mai usato Snapchat.

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