Tucker Tuben

A video posted on YouTube today by Volkswagen Group presents the company’s plan for fixing its so-called EA 189 diesel engines — the 1.6-liter and 2-liter powerplants that make up the majority of vehicles embroiled in an ongoing emissions cheating scandal. The update VW is proposing consists of two steps: an engine control software update and the installation of a “flow transformer,” a plastic grating that’s supposed to help even out the flow of air going into the mass flow sensor. The mass flow sensor is the component of an engine that determines how much air is entering the intake, which then determines how much fuel should be injected.

Tu pensa: fior fior di ingegneri per anni non s’erano accorti che bastava un rompigetto on steroids.

Da Volkswagen posts video showing how it will fix its cheating diesel engines in Europe | The Verge



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