8 Most Under Appreciated Group B Cars

Citroën BX 4TC

FIA Homologation no.: B279

It’s not a good sign when a manufacturer conceives, designs, tests, builds, races, and sells a car—before trying to buy them all back again. Citroën did just that, when its hugely impressive BX 4TC fell well short of expectations. In racing, it arrived too late and simply wasn’t fast enough: its engine was underpowered and the hydropneumatic suspension had a difficult time coping with all that weight slung out beyond the front tires.

As groupbrally.com notes, “The BX 4TC competed in one World Rally Championship rally, suffered three mechanical failures, was rolled back onto the boat, and was never seen again in competition”. Around 60 road cars were sold, before their owners were asked to kindly, uh, have them crushed.

Da 8 Most Under Appreciated Group B Cars • Petrolicious

Giorgio Terruzzi racconta Didier Pironi

Aveva una compagna quando scomparve tra le onde. Il suo nome: Catherine Goux. Poco dopo la fine di Didier nacquero due gemelli. I loro nomi: Gilles e Didier. Mi sembrò una delicatezza preziosa, il primo segno felice dopo una serie inguardabile di ombre scure. Due bambini, due nomi, in memoria di una amicizia perduta, di un rimpianto da addolcire.

Da Giorgio Terruzzi racconta Didier Pironi

iDiot (Glass Edition)

The design problem was highlighted in a report earlier this month that noted Apple Park employees were bumping into glass panes separating the collaborative “pods” that make up the facility’s interior. Workers had taken to applying sticky notes on clear surfaces, but the markers were supposedly being removed because they detracted from the building’s design.

Da Cupertino official warned Apple of potential Apple Park glass impacts 9 months ago

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