Tino Trevisan’s Blues

Animated Sheet Music: “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane

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Sounds of the Nightmare Machine

What happens when a horror movie composer and a guitar maker join forces? They create the world’s most disturbing musical instrument. Affectionately known as “The Apprehension Engine,” this one-of-a-kind instrument was commissioned by movie composer Mark Korven. Korven wanted to create spooky noises in a more acoustic and original way—but the right instrument didn’t exist. So his friend, guitar maker Tony Duggan-Smith, went deep into his workshop and assembled what has to be the spookiest instrument on Earth.

The Persistence of Prog Rock

In April, 1971, Rolling Stone reviewed the début album by a band with a name better suited to a law firm: Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The reviewer liked what he heard, although he couldn’t quite define it. “I suppose that your local newspaper might call it ‘jazz-influenced classical-rock,’ ” he wrote. In fact, a term was being adopted for this hybrid of highbrow and lowbrow. People called it progressive rock, or prog rock: a genre intent on proving that rock and roll didn’t have to be simple and silly—it could be complicated and silly instead. In the early nineteen-seventies, E.L.P., alongside several more or less like-minded British groups—King Crimson, Yes, and Genesis, as well as Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd—went, in the space of a few years, from curiosities to rock stars.

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The Cookers – Believe

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Friends, Romans

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Il discorso di Joan Baez alla Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

So che sto parlando a molti giovani che, senza questo ingresso nella Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, non avrebbero idea di chi sono. Mia nipote non ne aveva idea fino a quando non l’ho portata nel backstage a un concerto di Taylor Swift, dove si è fatta un selfie, ha avuto un autografo, una maglietta e trovato un rinnovato rispetto per sua nonna.

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